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A little Intro..

If you're anything like me, finding something you can eat that actually tastes good (and is filling) can feel pretty impossible. Before I get into my first easy eats recipe, let me give you a little background. 

Growing up I was never allergic to anything, I drank a gallon of skim milk every 2 days and indulged in ice cream and cookie dough pretty much daily. I put cheese on top of cheese, milk with every meal - and I loved it. Then came 2010, I was breaking out in random hives all over my butt, legs and back. My tongue even swelled up once. So, we did a ton of allergy testing and finally found that I had become allergic to dairy, eggs and apples. So, I had to cut all three out, cold turkey. (Milk was the hardest to say bye to, miss ya friend!)

In 2012 I found out I had a gluten intolerance -- that developed into a full blown allergy, which meant I had to cut out pretty much all my favorite foods to try and see what was happening with my health. To make a long story short, I am now completely gluten, dairy, egg, apple, soy and sugar free. On top of that, I haven't had anything fried (even french fries, mmm) since 2013, no potatoes, no beans or peas, no black pepper.... the list is pretty endless. But the reason I am sharing this is to show you just how limited my diet is. On top of a limited diet, one of my biggest struggles is lack of appetite and constant nausea. Those two really get in the way of delivering nutrients to my body, so I've had to develop little tricks and tips to make it a little less daunting. 

My first tip for increasing appetite, medical marijuana. Seriously life changing and I don't know what I will do if I have to live in a state where it isn't legal. Probably starve, but hey - lets not go down that rabbit hole. 

My second tip, listen to your gut. If you are randomly craving something (other than sugar) - listen to your body and eat it. For example, at the moment I am eating about 2-3 cara cara oranges a day - which is only weird because my body normally cannot even tolerate 1 orange. I become dizzy, get the worst migraine and ultimately faint. But these are a lot sweeter than the oranges I'm use to in Florida - and apparently, my body really needs them. So I listen, and I eat. 

Remember, if you are craving something - you're most likely needing the vitamins/nutrients that veggie, nut or fruit contains. So just try practicing listening to and following your gut. 


-- okay, I won't go on anymore, let's get started.. check out the following post for my first easy eats tip!




Let's have fun while we eat!



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