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sugar, dairy, egg & gluten free Chocolate Muffins

Allergies are hard, food intolerances - hard.... but cutting sugar out completely can be intense. Those sugar cravings are no joke people! I've been there, and I still get them sometimes.. not as often but yes they come.... but I've finally found a little something I can make that not only helps curb the craving but is healthy and totally lyme friendly. I've been refined sugar free since May 2014 and completely sugar free (minus specific honey and certain fruits) since September 2016. Wherever you are in your journey, if you've cut out sugar or if you're just starting to cut it out, you'll definitely want to try this recipe out. I wish I had this 3 years ago...

The best part is it's SO simple. 

Start off with this baking mix called Paleo Chocolate Muffin and Cake Mix, you can most likely find it at your nearest Whole Foods - but in the case that they don't carry it yet, you can definitely find it online

Now, if you can eat eggs.. just follow the guidelines on the package and you're all set. 

But, if you can't have eggs, or simply want an even healthier alternative.. here's what I do. I replace the eggs in this recipe with ground flax seeds. And it's so fun to do (especially if you're easily entertained like I clearly am). The general rule is 1 tbsp of ground flax seed = 1 egg, and you'll be mixing in 3 tbsp of WARM water for every tbsp of ground flax seed. So, since this recipe calls for 6 eggs - grab a tall glass cup and put 6 tbsp of ground flax seed and 18 tbsp of warm water (make sure the water is warm and not cold... cold water will add a million hours to this process..... ok not a million but you get it!). Now whip the water and flax seeds for a few minutes, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then whip again. Repeat this process until you have an egg-yolk like consistency. Once that's ready, put it to the side and grab your bowl and liquid ingredients (coconut oil, honey and water) and mix them together in the bowl until they blend together (careful not to over-mix).

Here's the honey I use and am completely obsessed with:



Mix in your yolk like mixture of flax seed and now you're ready to dump the bag of dry ingredients in. Whip well until it's completely mixed... it'll look kinda thick, that's good. 

Grab your (non stick) mini muffin pan (or cupcake pan if you'd like them to come out larger), place your cups in or lightly grease using coconut oil (very lightly). Now, scoop the mixture into each cup filling just to the top of each space. Place in the oven and check on it after 20-25 minutes. 

Since this is free of gluten, dairy, eggs etc. you kinda have to eyeball the timing. The tops may look done and lightly crunchy.. that's perfect. Now stick a toothpick in one of the muffins touching the bottom and pull out to make sure the inside is done (shouldn't be liquidy).

The consistency should be pretty well done (or slightly crispy) on the top and softer inside. 

Wait a few minutes for the muffins to settle and then either enjoy them warm or stick them in a sealed container (like a tupperware) and place them in the freezer. As delicious as these are warm, they are even better cold - straight out of the freezer. Plus, this recipe should make at least 16 muffins so I like to save them and eat one a day... ish. 

With ingredients like cocoa powder, coconut flour, sea salt, neem honey, coconut oil and flax seed.. these muffins are actually really good for you. So you'll never have to feel guilty for satisfying that sugar craving again!

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