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This Too Shall Pass | TBT series

This Too Shall Pass | TBT series

When I was first diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease I turned to writing and sharing my story. I thought, well as terrifying as sharing my voice is... if my words help one person, then it's all worth it. 

Little did I realize that not only would my words resonate with many other people, but I myself find comfort on the hard days by looking back and reading old posts. It's weird, almost as if 2014 Ina was writing little notes for future Ina to read when she (I) need it most. 

I leave those posts up hoping that you could find comfort in them whenever you want as well. But I realize there's a lot to go through so.. I decided to start something new that will live here. From now on, every Thursday I will be posting a #tbt blogpost featuring one of my captions from my page on instagram.  Choosing whichever one calls out to me most that day, because I really do feel that's the sign that someone out there needs to here those words. It's kinda how I go about posting as well.. I'm constantly writing but then randomly I'll feel a push to share something very specific and sure enough, at least one person tells me that's exactly what they needed to hear in that moment.

So let's get to it...

Today I am sharing something I wrote on July 12, 2017. I had recently gotten back to Miami from almost 3 months of treatment in Bend, Oregon. 

I know you're scared

I know you're sad

Living can be really,

really freaking hard sometimes.

Especially when it feels like all

you're ever doing is

fighting to stay alive.

I know the feeling of giving up

is trying to take over,

you're tired.

You don't deserve this,

no one does.

I just ask that you please

remember the good days.

The days you actually felt alive.

The times where your belly hurt

from so much laughing,

and nothing else.


The moments where

- like magic -

you're able to forget the aches,

the all consuming pain

and are able to actually enjoy the moment.

Because just like everything else..

This too shall pass.


photos captured by: @whitebalance__

edited by me

swimsuit: @mandalynnswim 

long vest/trench: @zara

necklace: @jamesmichelle


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